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Getting to know you
Steam Name: Darkness

Discord Name: Darkness#4137

RP Characters:

Your Age(Min 18): 22

How long have you been a member of SonoranRP? Since the beginning.

Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity? No

In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself: My real name is Connor. I am a full-time college student and a work in a retail setting at a grocery store. My major is in Marketing and I plan to graduate in spring of this year. I spend a good chunk of my free time roleplaying and enjoy it. I live in Florida and have traveled most of the country (USA). I enjoy planning trips with friends to go around and explore the country…

What made you decide to apply to join the Moderator team?

I decided to apply because I want to make a difference in the GLG community. I’d like to “push” people in the correct direction from time to time and encourage good roleplay. I feel I have a good understanding of the expectations that GLG wants for the community to provide in their level of RP and would like the opportunity to help them with their goal. At the end of the day, it comes down to the level of RP the people provide to the server. Everyone deserves a chance to perform to the best of their abilities and be willing to accept criticism if they lack in a certain area. We are all here to build off one another, learn, and gain experience to better ourselves.

In your own words what are the responsibilities associated with being a Game Moderator?

The responsibilities are to enforce the server rules and level of expectations regarding RP. Help the community with answering questions, encouraging a deep level of RP between characters (however possible) and perform daily duties to ensure proper operation of the server.

Do you have any specific skills or past experience that you could bring to the Moderator Team?

In my occupation, I am heavily expected to provide the highest level of customer service possible. I feel I could bring that ability here in order to assist people (users) to the best possible outcome I could provide within reason.

What makes you a better applicant than others?

Not sure to be honest. I’m just looking for a higher purpose in helping people develop their RP. I feel that this job does require a level headed person that can handle situations with a cool head and a decent understanding of role play that I feel I have.

How willing are you to help others over playing the game?

I’m willing to help people by answering questions through /report, solving issues regarding discrepancies with inventory/monetary funds. I’m willing to go as far as I need to ensure the best possible outcome is obtained for all parties.

How do you handle stressful situations?

I handle stressful situations with a level head and attempt to deal with the problem in the order they arise. Completing each problem with the highest level of efficiency and attempting to fix it to the best of my abilities.



➼Situations 1 & 2 must be answered with a minimum of 100 words, Situation 3 must be answered with a minimum of 50 words, please explain why you made the choice you did.

▸You are involved in an RP situation with an obviously new player who goes out of character by saying "I'm new to this server what button do I press?" What would you do?

If it is just me in the RP interaction, I’d pull him aside away from the public eye and attempt to guide them to the best of my abilities. If the individual is here to RP, and has a decent understanding of RP, then it comes down to a matter of explaining the controls and features of the server. If the player is brand new to RP, and has no idea what to do, I would first suggest they research RP and watch a few streamers that have well RP. Especially considering people come to GLG servers expecting people to already know how to RP and what to do. If the individual is searching to practice shooting people or play GTA online on our server, I would gladly send them on their way… But my goal is encouraging the best RP out of someone. Show them the website and ensure their signed up and have them read over the rules and RP expectations of the server.

▸You are spectating an RP situation between Police and criminals when you notice a player going out of character and generally not role playing very well. What would you do?

I would allow the RP situation to proceed. Police are expected to have a higher level of RP, so they should continue with their investigation/whatever they need to do to finish the call. Once the police complete their duties, and (if applicable) sentence the person to prison, I would teleport to the person and discuss tactics and helpful strategies for them. Link to them to other streamers that are successful in RPing. If I cannot suggest useful alternatives or they are refusing to accept help, then I would suggest they look for a difference community. People in RP must be willing to accept criticism and improve off it. We are all here to improve and help others.

▸You are spectating a new player and he is attempting to steal cars from locals as well as beating one or two up along the way. What would you do and why?

If the individual was all alone, I would roll up to him in an FBI vehicle and attempt to stop him. If I am successful, I would speak to him about how this is not okay. Here at Green Leaf, we do not want to see people causing chaos and acting a fool. I would inform him of the rules and warn him of his actions. I would encourage him to get a job and show him the way to the job center when they provide jobs and they a vehicle you can rent and use for the time being. I would also keep an eye of the player after the fact to ensure that he does not commit the same issue again.

Situations pt. 2

▸As a Game Moderators we often drive our FBI car to the scene of the incident/player in question, can you give a few reasons why you think we do this?

Game Moderators use FBI vehicles to separate themselves as normal law enforcement but show that they are a type of authority in the server. They want to make themselves distinct in the server and make sure players see the difference and you represent a server admin.

Final Few

▸A ban you placed gets appealed, you believe the ban is justified and should remain permanent but the player is given a second chance. How would you react?

I personally believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but even if I didn’t, the decision made to allow that play to continue and have a second chance is more than likely made above my paygrade, so I would respect their decision. I am only to enforce the rules, not feel negatively against anothor/higher admin’s decision or whatever the case may be.

▸You are in an RP situation with a serious lack of RP and minor character breaks, there are 3 players involved all right there with you, what would you do?

I would allow the RP to continue until I feel a safe time for me to take the individual away from the public and speak with them regard the situation. I will not ruin the immersion or break RP in front of others to fix someone else. The issue needs to be dealt with discreetly and away from the public. If the RP continues beyond and I am unable to speak with him at the time without breaking someone else’s RP, I would wait until it is safe to do so…

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