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  1. Approved Your ban has been lifted. :)
  2. Approved, will get this to you next time were in city together or another staff member who can spawn items in can get it to you
  3. Approved. Will get this to you as soon as were in city at the same time, or another staff member is that can spawn in items.
  4. I believe we're still trying to get it to you when someone who is able to spawn a replacement is around
  5. Approved, will meet with you next time were in city
  6. I have the utmost confidence in our team to handle any hackers, trolls, etc. That happen to join swiftly and furiously! I think the Avg time a hacker (at least those that spawn stuff, etc) lasts in server is maybe 10 minutes before they are banned. And with our ever growing team, that time will become shorter and shorter.
  7. As someone who has personal experience with this topic, I strongly believe it does not belong in RP.
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