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  1. Good afternoon Cory, I will be available tonight, Jan 12th, and tomorrow. Otherwise, I will have a busy schedule for the rest of the week. Let me know what works best for you! All the best, Connor
  2. Getting to know you Steam Name: Darkness Discord Name: Darkness#4137 RP Characters: Your Age(Min 18): 22 How long have you been a member of SonoranRP? Since the beginning. Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity? No In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself: My real name is Connor. I am a full-time college student and a work in a retail setting at a grocery store. My major is in Marketing and I plan to graduate in spring of this year. I spend a good chunk of my free time roleplaying and enjoy it. I live in Florida and have traveled most of the co
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