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  1. SAN ANDREAS BAR GOVERNING ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION V.1.2 Article I. General Eligibility requirements for admission to the San Andreas Bar Rule I.01 To be Eligible for admission or reinstatement as a licensed attorney to practice law in the State of San Andreas, the applicant must: Section(a) Comply with all rules and requirements stated herein; Section(b) Be at least 17 years of age; Section(c) Be of good moral character; (i) Must disclose all felonies on record. Section(d) Be an active citizen of San Andreas for a minimum of 14 days; Section(e) Have sat
  2. Community Service Sentencing Guidelines 09th day of April 2019 Issued by Chief Justice David Johnson Created by David Johnson Community Service Felony case(s) Any case only involving felony charges is known as a "Felony Community Service". Issuance of a Felony community service request is an automatic finding of guilt of the original charge, for which a challenge may not be entered at a later date (on the government forums) by the person who requested the community service expungement, this includes citations and fines (Felony Offenses). Qualify In order to qualify for commu
  3. Here is a simplified explanation of how a typical criminal case is handled when someone wants to contest criminal charges. The entire process takes 8 days. On the first day the case is posted to the court (within 7 days of arrest). A police officer or prosecutor posts it in the criminal court section. This will initiate the court process and begin with an arraignment within 24 hours. Up to the third day (72 hours) evidence submission takes place this is not limited to 72 hours (this includes witnesses, statements, videos, etc). In total at this point , 3 days have passed. The trial then
  4. ARREST AND SENTENCE STANDARDS 26th day of May 2019 Issued by Chief Justice Jethro James Created by Odin Niveous Edited 11/12/2020 By Chief Justice David Johnson ______________________________________________________ (A) Misdemeanor case Any case only involving misdemeanor charges is known as a "misdemeanor case". Issuance of a misdemeanor charge results in an automatic finding of guilt and an immediate conviction, for which a challenge may be entered (PENDING LINK) by the person who was arrested, must be within 72 hours after being charged. This includes cit
  5. Supreme Court David Johnson - Supreme Court Chief Justice (Lead DOJ) EMPTY - Supreme Court Justice Superior Court OPEN - Superior Court Judge OPEN - Superior Court Judge Municipal / Civil Court OPEN - Lead Municipal Court Magistrate/Judge OPEN - Municipal Court Magistrate/Judge Attorney General's Office OPEN - Attorney General OPEN - Federal Prosecutor District Attorney's Office James Wayans - District Attorney OPEN - Assistant District Attorney Public Defender's Office Dakota
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