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  1. I request the Opinion from Judge Johnson's ruling. - The Honorable AJ Stone
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  2. At the moment a couple of add on pickup trucks have 250 trunk space. The GTA trucks that are under the van class (at PDM) have 500 trunk space. Since the add on trucks are bigger my suggestion would be to increase the truck space of these addon trucks (ram 2500 (L), ford 350 (dually). Since the trucks are bigger my suggestion would be 500-600 trunk space. (the picture is added to see the size of 2 add on trucks and 1 GTA truck) trucks
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  3. Last I checked it has to do with how the trucks are classified according to the GTA engine...or something like that. So if it is in the Truck category its one thing, vans another, coupes another...so on and so forth. I know this has been asked before but I don't know if it is something that can be adjusted. I guess we wait for one of the vehicle devs to pop their head in here.
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