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  3. Hello, thank you. sorry for the late reply, i just ran across a message from Danstaa in my email this morning.
  4. Daniel Williams

    Joining Server

    Server is currently down while the devs are working on the new framework Discord link: https://discord.gg/HQ7EBEYy
  5. sjca73

    Joining Server

    Ok I might be an A tier dummy head, but how do I actually join the server? I haven't managed to find a discord link and I cant find it by searching on fivem
  6. 69 Charger with LODs -smile- https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1969-dodge-charger-r-t-426-hemi-add-on-extras-tunings-lods-template
  7. All, Mr. Johnson has become preoccupied with other duties, and as such I will be rendering the verdict in this case. After reviewing the case and all evidence provided by the parties, I have made the following opinion: A Law Enforcement Officer, who acts in good faith and has reason to believe that a crime has been committed is justified in enforcing the penal code on violations that they observe themselves. In the matter of a traffic collision, when both parties present do not wish to press charges and no other offense has been committed and observed the the LEO, there is no reason for
  8. After reviewing your request, the state has elected to accept your request. Your request for Community Service is hereby "Approved". You are assigned the following Community Service: B-24 Failure to Comply with a Peace Officer - Standard Time - 10 Months = 20 Task and or 20 Minutes of Community Service with a locally owned the business approved by the Department of Corrections and Probation. Please read over the following: Any crimes committed while under the supervision of probation/community service is an automatic charge for violation of a court order. Any violation o
  9. Fixed Character Name (Current): Davy Hopz Character Name (New): Davy Longmire Your Steam HEX ID: Cowpoke Your Discord ID(ex. danstaa#4419): Cowpoke#1303 Reason for the name change: I'm wanting to get my characters name changed because i feel my character should move on from his previous life and with that i'm wanting Longmire to be his next name in the books. I find that my character is holding back because of his last name and with it being changed he'll be able to finally fully move forward with his life and create more stories.
  10. To also add onto this, I believe the Crown Vic Should also be adjusted aswell considering both of the Tahoes literally pull away from it, and top faster then it, when the car is fully upgraded aswell, and departments use them for their quick acceleration, and for here they are used to train Cadet's with driving but with how utterly slow it is, and how light the turning is, It makes it a very odd experience, In my opinion aswell the vehicle should have a bit more top speed, and alot more body roll for the vehicle that it is aswell.
  11. Approved Your ban has been lifted. :)
  12. Not suggesting it to be unrealistic by any means. Im not sure Im allowed to confirm the top speed of the Explorer, but I personally think it can use some increase. I like the bigger police vehicles, they are more visible and provide more protection. I also am big on utilizing my hatch for things such as medbag, traffic control etc. The hatch looks better than the trunk for those things. It also aids in transport and looks much better to the eyes depending on the size of some peoples heads (some are quite large..) because you can poke out of the cruisers slightly. While Im not the best
  13. If you can also follow the template provided as well, that would help a lot. Thanks! TITLE: Ban Appeal - Player Name Account Name: Steam ID (Hex): Character Name: Discord Plus Digits: Reason for Ban: Length of Ban: Staff Member that Banned you: Why should you be unbanned? FAILURE TO PROVIDE AN ANSWER FOR ALL OF THESE WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC DENIAL. IF YOU AREN'T SURE THE REASON OR WHO BANNED YOU PUT (Not Sure).
  14. Under Review Thanks for taking the time to fill out a ban appeal. My apologies that I just noticed this, but will get it posted ASAP for staff to vote on.
  15. Approved, will get this to you next time were in city together or another staff member who can spawn items in can get it to you
  16. Approved. Will get this to you as soon as were in city at the same time, or another staff member is that can spawn in items.
  17. I believe we're still trying to get it to you when someone who is able to spawn a replacement is around
  18. Thanks. With this been approved, what is the update?
  19. it's based on vehicle category atm. I'd argue that vans are purpose built for storage, so should have more than a pickup, but I agree some of these should be adjusted. SUV's for example only have slightly more space than a regular sedan. Some vehicles are classed as the wrong type through GTA, such as the Moonbeam being classed as a muscle car, leading it to having very little capacity. it wouldn't think it would be too hard to adjust the limit on these categories, or even change specific addon vehicles, it would just need to be balanced.
  20. If this is a simple development issue, I am all for expanding trunk capacity on trucks. There seems to be a few random outliers of vehicles with the wrong capacities for their "class". I recommend asking around in the city for those vehicles.
  21. I would ask around with the citizens of Los Santos, dont just ask for narcotics outright, but slip it in there when having interactions with others. You will learn quite a bit just RP'ing and getting to know people in the city!
  22. Name: Daniel Williams Date: 2/18/2021 What would you like to suggest?: Plane drug running Link to an Example: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-erratic-coke-a-plane-coke-run/1188641
  23. Last I checked it has to do with how the trucks are classified according to the GTA engine...or something like that. So if it is in the Truck category its one thing, vans another, coupes another...so on and so forth. I know this has been asked before but I don't know if it is something that can be adjusted. I guess we wait for one of the vehicle devs to pop their head in here.
  24. (OOC I just realized I posted this not logged in, adding a comment so I will get notification of response.)
  25. At the moment a couple of add on pickup trucks have 250 trunk space. The GTA trucks that are under the van class (at PDM) have 500 trunk space. Since the add on trucks are bigger my suggestion would be to increase the truck space of these addon trucks (ram 2500 (L), ford 350 (dually). Since the trucks are bigger my suggestion would be 500-600 trunk space. (the picture is added to see the size of 2 add on trucks and 1 GTA truck) trucks
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